Golden Hell Dragon


Hell Dragon


  • Hp: 1 000 000
  • Min.Damage: 18 000
  • Max.Damage: 20 000
  • Defense: 2 000


  • Вещи EXC (от 1 до 2-ех опций)
  • Luck (50% шанс)
  • Options (add)



Дроп (Box of Kundun +5):

  • Sets: Aschrow, Eclipse, Iris, Ancient, Glorious, Thunder Hawk, Piercing Groove.


  • Weapons: Light Saber, Legendary Sword, Heliacal Sword, Double Blade, Lighting Sword, Giant Sword, Sacred Glove, Larkan Axe, Crescent Axe, Elemental Mace, Lord Scepter, Bill of Balrog, Dragon Spear, Celestial Bow, Great Reign Crossbow, Book of Samut,  Staff of Destruction, Legendary Staff, Violent Wind Stick.


  • Shields: Legendary Shield, Bronze Shield.


  • Accessories: Ring of Wind, Pendant of Water, Pendant of Ability.